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Santé Health Foundation exists to improve the health of the people in our community by providing outstanding clinical care, encouraging healthy lifestyles, offering clinical and community health education, and supporting clinical research.


Santé Health Foundation considers education for our physicians and office staff as part of our mission and outreach efforts emphasize the value of patient health and physician/patient relationships. Providing additional education opportunities to our office staff and physicians with the aim of helping patients is a top priority of SHF. SHF engages in FDA approved clinical research, and practicing physicians serve as the authors in these studies.


Businesswoman with Mask
Businesswoman with Mask


  • Recruit much needed specialists & physicians for the Central Valley 

  • Promote quality health care in our community 

  • Streamline administrative processes to allow physicians to perform at their full potential 

  • Develop a unified voice and face to patients and payors 

  • Consolidate contracting opportunities to better serve our physicians 

  • Integrate our local resources to better serve the community 


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Monday - Friday          8 AM - 5 PM


Office:   559-228-5400

TDD/TTY 800-652-2900

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